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•  Introduction

The plant uses tail gas circulation new process, which is the most advanced process of domestic "silver method" formaldehyde manufcturing. It has unique advantages in equipment structure, catalyst, process and control system, can produce formaldehyde with concentration of 37%~50%, it is also the only process to make concentrated formaldehyde in silver method. It is most welcomed by formaldehyde customers due to its low energy consumption, equipment long life span,complete control system and product selection etc. advantages with big potential market.









•  Process Features

•  Methanol is vaporized to become methanol vapor by heating.The control system control the reaction temperature based on the proportion of oxygen in the air and methanol to make the oxidation reaction in the best condition. The process uses tail gas circulation to remove partial reaction heat by circulated gas, while the traditional process the reaction heat is removed by steam. The tail gas process can make the concentration range from 37 to 50% of formaldehyde to meet different down-stream products requirement.

•  Main Reactor - The oxidation reactor is unique which is different from any kind of oxidation reactor in the past . This oxidation reactor solve the stree and cavitation corrosion in the boiler sector, therefore increase the equipment life span. Besides, red copper tubes with excellent heat transfer coefficient are equipped in the inside of heat exchanger, the gas flow velocity is increased, and shorten the reaction gas remaining time in the high temperature area, as a result, side reaction is decreased, unit consumption also reduced.

•  Crystallized electrolysis silver new type catalyst is used, which has bigger mechanic strength and external specific surface, not easy melted, therefore, life span is increased, less catalyst changing.


•  New filtration materials are applied in the filter with good filtration efficient £¨ 99.7% £©£ºLow filtration medium resistance£¨innitial resistant pressure drop 25mmH2O- stop pressure drop 50mmH2O £©. as a result: production capacity increased, filtration medium contamination during medium replacement decreased.

• Complete absorption system design:use stainless steel currugate type packings with big specific surface area and big pore rate, which is helpful for absorption. 1# tower middle sect has distributor to make tower top spray re-distribution. 2# tower is a combination of towers of 2# and 3# ; foam layer is set at the top to help absortion, has excellet aborption results even in the high concentration formaldehyde production process.

•  Advanced DCS control system, site monitoring are displayed on the screen which make operators know and deal with any production site condition

•  Plant production capacity: 10000~10 0000 T / Y





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